Associate FAQs

Q: You have completed the application process…what next?
A: Thank you for completing our process! When we have an opportunity for you we will contact you. We will never submit your resume without your permission. If we contact you with an opportunity this means that you are one of the top few candidates we are submitting for the position, so please get back to us immediately. We will give you all of the details for the position at that time and will coordinate any phone or in-person interviews on your behalf.

Q: Do my MS Office evaluations affect my chances to secure an opportunity?
A: Most employers are looking for candidates that are proficient in MS Office which includes Word, Excel and Outlook. If you do not feel comfortable with your results we do offer free online software tutorials to our associates.

Q: How do I stay in touch with Remedy?
A: We strongly encourage you to keep in touch with us by calling our office or e-mailing any of our recruiters on a weekly basis. Please notify us of any updates or changes to your availability, status, and interests.

Q: What should I do if I find a job on my own prior to being placed through Remedy?
A: We encourage you to continue your job search on your own. If you do find a job please notify us as soon as possible. This also gives us a chance to congratulate you.

Q: Who is my employer when I am on a temporary assignment?
A: Although you will have a direct supervisor on-site at the company, while you are on a temporary assignment, Remedy is your legal employer. All of your employee questions or concerns while on assignment should be communicated to your contact at Remedy.

Q: When should I submit my timecard? How do I submit my timecard?
A: All timecards must be turned in by 9:00 a.m. on Mondays. Please fill in the appropriate number of hours for the week prior and obtain the signature of your on-site supervisor to verify your hours. Please fax your timecard to us at 808.733.8555 or scan and e-mail to your Remedy contact. Remedy payroll weeks run Monday through Sunday and pay day is the following Sunday. For additional timecards, click on the “Timecard” link under Associate Resources.

Q: Is there an option for Direct Deposit?
A: We do encourage our associates to set up Direct Deposit free of charge. Ideally, we would like your Direct Deposit information prior to your start date. You can download this form by clicking on the “Direct Deposit” link under Associate Resources.

Q: How do I view my paystub?
A: We’ve made it easy to view your paystub! To access the online system, please click on the “View Paystub” link under Associate Resources. You can view your paystub online by creating a username and password. If you have any questions regarding this, please call our office and we will be happy to assist you.

Q: When do I qualify for medical benefits?
A: Associates working a minimum of 20 hours per week for four consecutive weeks will be eligible for medical benefits the first day of the proceeding month.  In order to maintain medical coverage, you must continue to work 20 hours or more per week.  If you work less than 20 hours in any week, you will disqualify for medical coverage for the proceeding month.  Our medical coverage includes medical, vision and prescription drugs.  Dental coverage is optional for an additional monthly deduction.  Our Human Resources Manager will contact you when you qualify.

Q: Do I qualify for paid time off or holiday pay?
A: While you are working as an employee of Remedy, all requested time off and holidays are unpaid. If a situation arises where you need to request time off, you must get approval from your on-site supervisor and notify us at Remedy. (Holidays will vary according to the schedule of the company you are assigned).

Q: What should I do if I am unable to make it to my assignment (due to illness, emergency, etc)?
A: It is required that you notify your immediate supervisor by phone of any absences or tardiness. We also ask that you notify your contact at Remedy of any attendance issues as well.

Q: What is Remedy’s policy regarding associates resigning from a temporary position?
A: We ask that you give at least a one week notice if you will not be able to continue a position with us. This will allow us time to find a replacement and ensure a smooth transition for both you and our client.

Q: Do I qualify for Unemployment Benefits if my assignment ends?
A: Unemployment eligibility is determined by the State of Hawaii – Unemployment Division. Our suggestion would be to go down to the Unemployment Office after your temporary assignment ends to begin the unemployment process. If you have any questions or concerns regarding unemployment benefits, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Remedy at 808.733.8550.