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Secrets of Headhunters

By: Hawaii Business Magazine | April 2017

The art of finding the best person for the job starts with understanding both the recruit and the hiring company. Kristi Inkinen Yanagihara, who launched Remedy Intelligent Staffing 15 years ago, says often a good approach is to look for candidates from ouside the hiring company's industry. That's because many skills fit into diffrent industries.
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Meet the Challenges of Change

By Ann Katekaru and Chantelle Zane | April 2017

Meet the Challenges of Change

By: Hawaii Business Magazine | February 2017


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The Right Remedy for Your Workforce:
Why Businesses Use Staffing Companies

By: Pacific Edge Magazine | January-March 2013

In the past, temp agencies were mostly used to provide seat-warmers for vacationing receptionists or absent administrative assistants. Today, "staffing" has evolved into one of the most lucrative and relied-upon industries in the nation. While the majority of businesses still value the short-term, or "temporary," help that agencies provide, others are turning to staffing firms to eliminate the stress of finding highly skilled employees and implementing workforce management solutions.
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Social Media Can Wreck Your Career

By: Sarah Enay, Hawaii Business Magazine | May 2011

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried is the latest celebrity to be fired over social media, because of callous tweets about the devastating tsunami in Japan.

In February, Rep. Chris Lee, R-N.Y., resigned from the U.S. House of Representatives after stories emerged that he sent a bare-chested photo of himself to a woman he met on Craigslist. And, how can we forget those ex-Domino's Pizza employees who posted videos on YouTube showing themselves doing disgusting things to a pizza two years ago? That's the problem – you can't forget it – because once you post something online and it goes viral, it's there forever for the world to see.
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An Early Staffing Success

By: Treena Shapiro / Pacific Edge Magazine / January 2011

Growing up in Nu'uanu, Kristi Inkinen Yanagihara set her sights on a career in interior design, but she found she had more passion for staffing offices than decorating them. Sitting in the Curtis Street office she designed, Kristi says she has no regrets over becoming franchise owner of Remedy Intelligent Staffing. At 31, her strong work ethic has put her in a position to help job-seekers find temporary or long-term work. "We can be life changers," she says.
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