Staffing Solutions

Temporary Staffing

A flexible workforce helps you adjust to meet ever-changing needs and the ongoing challenges of turnover and productivity. Companies are increasingly using temporary help for greater cost control by hiring during their peak seasons and cutting back when demand falls. Select assumes your burden of recruiting and screening candidates, freeing your time for more valuable priorities.


Remedy allows you the opportunity to try out a candidate before you make a critical hiring decision. If you decide to hire our associate, you will not be charged a placement fee (as long as the candidate works on assignment for a specified number of hours). If you decide the candidate is not a high-performance fit, we will replace the candidate immediately, no strings attached.

Direct Placement/Executive Recruitment

Remedy’s Direct Placement/Executive Recruitment Group recruits and selects the most talented professionals in your business community.  Through Remedy’s proven High-Performance Fit process, we get people with the precise fit of skills, behavior and personality that you need for a better-fitting, more enduring candidate.

Payroll Services

With the cost of payroll for your employees escalating, alternate strategies to control the cost of both core and supplementary staff are increasingly attractive. With Remedy’s Payroll Service, you can provide your employees weekly payroll while eliminating the administrative drain and cost of payroll deductions, state and federal taxes, workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance, medical insurance, record keeping and reporting.

Applicant Screening

Remedy will offer its elaborate screening processes to its clients. There is a standard negotiated fee for this service. The client can select which testing avenues are most beneficial to include resume screening, skills testing, and behavioral analysis testing.

On-Site Management

Remedy manages the productivity, cost, and safety of hundreds of thousands of workers per year.  Our hands-on experience and expertise help make it easy for you to control efficiency and performance.  By sharing best practices among our network of offices and on-site clients, we implement a continuous improvement program that gives you the benefit of our shared expertise.

Our comprehensive On-Site Services minimize your time and involvement in overseeing, tracking, and supervising large numbers of temporary employees. Remedy’s On-Site Managers are trained staffing professionals who act as the primary liaison between your management team, departments, Human Resources, third party vendors, and your contingent workforce.  They will handle all aspects of managing large numbers of temporary employees, recruiting, screening, training, and reporting to ensure you get quality service 100% of the time.  We also provide on-site assistance in the following areas:

  • On-location recruiting, job fairs and interviewing of candidates.
  • Customized orientation and training programs.
  • Daily, ongoing administration of safety training and incentive programs.
  • Expert quality control resource to supplement your management team.