Associate Testimonials

Remedy Staffing helped to place me in a position that both drew upon my past qualifications and provided what I desired in a job. The staff was polite and helpful, making sure that all of them knew what I was looking for in a job, and how they could best assist in placing me in a position that I would enjoy. Within a week of applying with Remedy, they responded with an offer for a temporary position which was very similar to what I had done before, and I accepted.

It's been a year now, and that temp position has changed into a permanent one, and I'm doing work that I enjoy, in an environment where I am comfortable. Before Remedy Staffing, it was difficult just getting a company to look at my resume, let alone getting past the interview stage. I was out of work for over a year, and yet Remedy was able to place me in less than 2 weeks with a good, stable company. I am very appreciative of all the work and dedication the people of Remedy Staffing did to place me where I am today, they certainly turned my life around.

– Brandon Tong

From our first meeting, Jen, Kelly and Kristin were very professional and encouraging, and I had confidence in them personally. Before long they, and Kim and Kristi, had arranged an interview which has resulted in a regular full time position I enjoy very much. Thank you, everyone at Remedy. Aloha!

– Lee

My experience with Remedy has been a wonderful journey full of learning and discovery. The Remedy team has helped me grow both professionally and personally.  I feel I have gained a "working family" who is there for me to help me when I need help and to encourage me to grow as I take bigger steps professionally. The opportunities I have been granted with Remedy have been incredible and have taken me to places I never expected. I look forward to continuing the adventure, you never know what may be around the next corner!

– Anonymous

I had been out of a job for over a year and was submitting my resumes at every possible opportunity. One day I decided to take one last chance and set up an interview with Remedy Staffing. Although nervous upon arrival, those nerves were laid to rest immediately when I was greeted by friendly and inviting staff. The Remedy staff was welcoming, attentive and genuine. They provided an environment for open conversation on both work expectations and on a personal level. They did not hesitate to answer any questions or concerns I had and even had a wonderful sense of humor. I knew as we spoke that I was meeting people who wanted to provide the best possible fit for their clients. They also genuinely cared for those they employed. During my time with Remedy, that first impression was never proven wrong.

Shortly after our meeting the Remedy family placed me into a temporary position. Although it was a short-term assignment, I enjoyed every moment of it. It was something different and I was able to meet new people.  Almost immediately following that assignment, I secured an interview and was soon placed in a temp-to-hire opportunity. In three months I was offered a permanent position. After obtaining a permanent position with the company, I was no longer temporary and therefore no longer a legal employee of Remedy. Despite that fact, I never lost the friendship I had with them. When I decided months later that the job was not the right fit for me, I called Remedy and explained my situation. Without hesitation Remedy brought me back on board and had an interview scheduled for me for a new opportunity. Within two weeks I was placed into an operations specialist position at an insurance agency, where a few months later I was offered a permanent position. I am happy to say that almost a year later, I am still currently employed at the insurance agency.  If it was not for the diligent work of the team at Remedy and their belief in me and my abilities I know that I would not be in the position that I am in now. Everyone at Remedy has been my supporter and I will forever be grateful for that. They are personable, trusting and a family I am proud to say I am a part of.

– Elizabeth Maiava