FAQs For Job Seekers

Q: Are there any fees charged to applicants or temporary employees?
A: No. We never charge any fees to our applicants or employees.

Q: What types of placement does Remedy offer?
A: Remedy is a full service staffing agency and we focus on short and long term placement (temporary, temp-to-hire, temporary and direct placement). We work with all industries from entry level to mid-management positions.

Q: What is the difference between a temp-to-hire opportunity and direct placement?
A: Temp-to-hire and direct placement are both long term placements. In a temp-to-hire opportunity there is a probationary period of approximately 3-4 months where in the company and candidate cease their search with the intention of converting you to a permanent employment once the probationary period is over. Direct placement opportunities typically apply to higher level positions. We would still coordinate any interviews on your behalf, but if you were to be offered the position you would start be an employee of the company from day one.

Q: Why work in temporary opportunities?
A: There are many reasons why temporary opportunities might be appealing. In many cases temporary positions are a good foot in the door and often turn into permanent opportunities. In addition, a temporary opportunity might also make sense if you are thinking of changing careers, are looking to gain experience or are seeking seasonal or short term employment.

Q: How are opportunities assigned to me?
A: Once you have registered with Remedy we will approach you with opportunities based on your experience and skill level. You are never obligated to take an opportunity we approach you with, but we do need you to keep in contact with us. We strongly suggest keeping in touch with us on a weekly basis with updates on your availability, status, and interest.

Q: Are there any benefits to temporary employees?
A: Yes! Depending on your work status, you may qualify for medical insurance provided to Remedy associates through HMAA. Medical insurance is provided to those employees who work four consecutive weeks at 20 hours or more per week. If you elect health insurance then 1.5% of your weekly earnings are deducted from your paycheck.

Remedy also offers an elective dental insurance plan if you choose to participate. Remedy Staffing also covers you, at our cost, for worker's compensation, unemployment insurance, temporary disability, and direct deposit and much more!